Al-Tayseer fi Hifz al-Quran al-Kareem – Details

Al-Taiseer fi Hifz al-Quran al-Kareem Seminar is a unique three day workshop, delivered by Shehzada Husain BS. It is an extensive study and research into techniques of memorizing the entire Quran Majeed.

In it’s initial stages it shows the participant how infact every Mumin is capable of memorizing the Quran Majeed. If asked about Hifz, many Mumineen throughout the world have little or no idea as to how this could be done and seminar tackles this problem. Shehzada Husain BS delivers a complete ” PACKAGE ” to how everyday routines and schedules can easily incorporate Hifz. It also deals with how Hifz will change a Mumins life permanently. The concept of Barakat from Hifz, as per thee farmaan of Moula TUS becomes evidently clear and all its particpants have aspired to become one of the many Mumineen who have already obtained the barakat of Hifz ul Quran.The seminar is mainly based on 3 following points:

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