One of the main objectives of Mahad al-Zahra is to inspire and help every mumin to memorise al-Quran al-Kareem. Among the most beneficial resource and learning aid which Mahad al-Zahra provides is the recordings of Full Quran in the voice of Shahzada Husain Bs Burhanuddin DM.

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One of the best Apps available for memorising al-Quran al-Kareem

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Switch between two different Quran publications.

Switch between 3 different Qurra

While audio is playing, click on set start and then on set end. The audio segment between start and end will be repeated. Multiple pages can also be repeated.

To listen an ayat, long press on it.

Select pages/surah to repeat and select start/end option.

Play each ayat multiple times. Helpful for jadeed hifz.

Set tilawat speed

To mark tilawat corrections, use different highlight colors and pen.

Test and build confidence by taking self ikhtebaar.

Partially reveal ayats on a page by swiping or taping. Useful for muraja’at.

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