TAKING INITIATIVE – This is one of the foremost traits that we here at Qism al-Tahfeez Dubai want to instil in our students. And the students of our Mukhayyam al-Tahfeez program did just that!
After the end of the academic year marked by the Diraasat Qur’aniyah Imtihaan, we conducted a series of Asbaaq based upon Qasas al-Ambiya’ (Archives of Prophets) mentioned in the Quran to quell the curiosities of our students. The students of Mukhayyam al-Tahfeez took the initiative of presenting a humble Ma’raz (exhibition) to highlight what they had learned. Abna’ al-Jamea who have joined the program during their vacations also pitched in wholeheartedly. 
Furthermore, huffaz graduates of this program returned to help out & mentor their juniors. We were overjoyed to see such camaraderie & teamwork which are all part & parcel of the Holistic Development that we are striving for.
We are amazed at moments when students inspire their instructors. We look forward to them each day!