Khazain – 21-25 (Softbound)


Juz 21-25 was published in the year 1440H on the auspicious occasion of 75th Milad Mubarak celebrations.
Khazaa’in Ma’ani al-Quran al-Faeqah has 4 distinguished features:

  • Ayats are divided into 7 colours as per their subjects. Each colour depicts a subject.
  • Summary of Ayats in Lisan ud-Dawat is mentioned on each page.
  • Meaning of few words from different ayats is given.
  • Few ayats are described in Lisan ud-Dawat with the help of different bayanaat and Kalemaat Nooraniyah.
  • Similar Ayats (mutashabehaat) has been written on each page.

The main objective of Khazaa’in Ma’ani al-Quran al-Faeqah is to:

  • Ease the process of Hifz al-Quran.
  • Comprehend meaning of the ayats and derive guidance from it.
  • Gain barakat of Kalemaat Nooraniyah in the context of different Ayah Mubaraka.

"This booklet attempts to:

  • Provide the definition of certain words,
  • Explain the meaning of various aayaat sharifah,
  • Discem between similar, resembling aayaat sharifah, known as mustashaabihaat, and is color coded according to different subjects known as mozuaat.
  • So that:
    • The ease of memorizing al-Quran al-Majeed is made apparent,
    • Attaining the barakat of its meaning is made possible,
    • Life is better by seeing in the light of al-Quran,
    • The Arabic language can be learnt and understood more easily, and
    • The barakat attained during al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s TUS discourses is increased.
  • These additions and annotations help in the memorizing process which makes this publication an integral aid for anyone – adult and children alike – interested in obtaining the barakaat of al-Quran."

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