We have just ended a historic year here in Mukhayyam Los Angeles

This year was a milestone year for the program.
Four students from the program’s original class of six students became Hafiz al-Quran this year.

Out of those four students, two students got admission in Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah.

Despite the bane and hardships faced by so many around the globe this year, we students and khidmat guzaars were nonetheless blessed throughout the entire year.

Blessing after blessing, our Moula TUS kept us on the narrow yet wide dual paths of sabr and shukr.

In order to:  

  • commemorate the year’s culmination.
  • celebrate the first huffaz graduates of the program.
  • and express gratitude for the countless bounties we have received throughout the year, 

Qism al-Tahfeez Los Angeles organized and hosted a Majlis al-Shukr.

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