Quran Seminar Testimonial

Your seminar and way of communicating has helped initial the confidence in myself that I can at least do one Ayat Hifz every day.

M Juzer Shk Noruddin Mamujee – Colombo

This session was a major turn over in my life.

Fatema Murtaza – Colombo

I am 60 and many attempts to memorize Surats after Surat al-Kaferoon has failed. But now I am demolishing the concrete wall and restart the practice again.

You have mesmerized us with you beautiful recitation and explaination of the importance of al-Quran al-Kareem. This Seminar will help us to make time regularly for Hifz, Insha Allah
Fatema Murtaza – Colombo

Aa workshop ma aawasi zahen and dil, bewe ma faido hasil thayu che.
Fatema Aliasger Terai – Karachi

Quran hifz karwa waaste koi umar ni qaid nathi, koi bhi umar ma Quran hifz karwu sehal che. Postive thinking is Quran hifz kare tu abvaab khud khuli jai che.
Duraiya Khuzaima Anterya – Karachi

Wish to attend seminar again and again, such an amazing experience.
Abdeali Husain Ezzi - Kuwait

You have kindled the “Want” in me to memorize. I hope to memorize the entire Quran and gift it to Moulana as soon as possible.
Amir Shk Husain Kothari - Kuwait

I will do Hifz at any cost keeping in my mind that Duniya Taleem can be achieved why not Hifz Quran.
Qutbuddin Baluchiwala - Kuwait

A new life style Insha Allah with Hifz al-Quran as my most important priority will began from today itself. Thank you for changing me and my thinking.
Tahera Shoib Dalal – Kuwait

I am a mother of two children. For myself I thought it was just not possible. After attending the seminar, I am very sure I will be able to Hifz the whole Quran Majeed.
Tasneem Ismail Zanzibarwala – Nairobi

I am going to plan out my life and my every day activities in such a way that I can give utmost priority to doing Hifz.
Nafisa M Zoeb Kapasi - Nairobi

By doing ibidaat, especially quran tilawaat and hifz. We know each day and are part of each day. The miracle of the Quran, in its aesthetic and poetic beauty and through the significance of its meaning. For me you have layed a foundation and cleaned a surface. The Quran could have never become imprinted on my mind and heart because both were not ready to receive it. One may say that you could not paint a beautiful painting on a canvas that was not white and clean and pure. Similarly my heart and mind were not ‘’pure” because it was filled with negative thinking and the belief that hifz ul Quran was beyond my capability. I commend your approach, method and your humor and style. I appreciate the fact that you had a manual prepared for us, and that you encouraged your audience to participate.
Durriya badani - Washington DC

That feeling of freedom and super ability I remembered again during the seminar and I want to live every second, every day of my life with that feeling. Doing hifz of Quran is the start and end of that journey
Murtuza Suterwalla - Houston

Benefits -Time management, Set small goals first, Different ways of learning that best fit your style Determination and motivation are the keys to eternal success understand your capabilities and set goals accordingly.
Rashida Danish - New Jersey

I was skeptical about how it was possible to memorize the entire Quran finishing these three days. I am confident – it has become part of my sub conscious. That not only is hifz lazim, but that with a schedule, I have the strength and will power to complete it.
Mufaddal Shk Quraish Dohadwala - New Jersey

For the first time in my life , my mind feels free of limitations that I have piled up on myself through out my life I can see that hifz ul Quran should become my highest priority . it is the noblest task one can aspire to. Insha Allah with the Dua Mubarak of Moula tus, I shall one day achieve this distinction.
Zoher Ghadiali – Tampa

Before the seminar, I was excited about it was not least aware that I will be motivated in becoming a player and just not a spectator. After the seminar, I am putting hifz al Quran as my top priority and strongly desire to become a hafiz.
M Husain Ginwala - New Jersey

Not me …. Impossible
Yes!! I can do it!
Mulla Ebrahim Adenwala - New Jersey

I am leaving this seminar with the full confidence that “YES, I CAN BE ABLE TO DO HIFZ-UL-QURAN.
Farida Aharwala

Three days of my life were the most fruitful and important days of my life Before I did not know my own identity, now I do – I recognize myself who I am.
Mulla Shabbir Arif - New York

I now feel ashamed that I have not started hifz already. When I pictured Aqa Moula (TUS) in front of me, I felt ashamed to show my face, so what face would I show Khuda.
Mulla Hussain Moochalla - New Jersey

Prior to coming to this seminar I had no idea that learning Quran was so easy.
Imran Hussain Zumkawala -New Jersey

The primary accomplishment of this seminar is that it has brought the hidden power within me to my conscious mind.
Aliakbar Sohanghporwala - Washington DC

I would consider this seminar as major turning point in my life.
Murtaza kapadia - New Jersey

I am a dentist by profession, and I have taken other professional and business courses, but nothing has ever come even close to the information you have provided through this course, this was truly a life changing experience.
Abid Paghdiwala – Philadelphia

You have asked to describe who I am. I am Shehrebano, an insignificant speck in the grand design of things but I am also a MUMIN which changes way I am perceived. Once I am called a MUMIN it changes who I am, it changes what I am, it changes what I am capable of. It’s not that I did not know that subconsciously before but during this 3 day seminar I have come to realize this consciously.
Sherebanu ben

The seminar was so inspiring that usually my personal attention span during any lecture is about 30 minutes. But in last 2 days there was not a single moment that I felt that my attention is diverted.
Dr Shabbir Johar – Chicago

The seminar/workshop was superb. American slang for it would be “it was out of this world” 1. Excellent
2. Exhilarating
3. Exceptional
4. Exuberant
5. Ego lifting
6. Everlasting-what you taught is going to last in this life and after.
Dr Nafisa Mosabhoy – Chicago

After attending your seminar I’ve put Quran as a top priority in my life.Before it was not as high on my list of priorities and after the weekend I realized that I was making a big mistake. I really enjoyed your teaching style and how you explained things in a down to earth style and humor.
Husain Koita – Chicago

You have left wealth of information with us. I am surely going to treasure it and use it for my fullest benefit.
Shk Ammar Mosabhoy - Chicago

The one point that is now constantly bouncing around in my head is to be positive thinking at all times. Everything in life I should view in a positive manner.
Shk Mustafa Raja – Houston

This Hifz al Quran al Kareem seminar has been a life-changing experience for me.
Shk Khuzema Shk Qutbuddin - Houston

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