RISE Workshop

RISE is a unique workshop organized by Mahad al-Zahra for the training of Khidmat Guzaars from various Idaras of Dawat e Hadiyah and Huffaz Kiraam doing Tahfeez Khidmat.

The workshop discusses the challenges faced by students during hifz and their solutions in the light of different memorisation techniques, learning theories and personality traits of the students. Sessions are conducted by experienced Huffaz Khidmat guzaars from AlJamea-tus- Saifiyah. Expert trainers and counsellors conduct sessions demonstrating different communication and counselling skills vital for Hifz al-Quran.

This is an activity-based workshop giving hand-on practice for the skills discussed throughout the course of the workshop. To ensure quality training a maximum 50 participants are allowed in each workshop.

Mahad al-Zahra has held four such workshops till date in Matheran, Burhanpur, Lonavala and Nairobi.

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